Personnel Development
Personnel Development
We discover and promote potentials.

Personnel DevelopmentIt happens far too often that employees cannot keep up with the dynamic development of markets, products, processes or technologies. But especially in the service sector, human resources are a decisive factor for success.

Systematic human resource development can only be to the advantage of an enterprise:
  • Avoidance of staff shortages through promotion of junior staff and through successor planning
  • Improved management through development of executives
  • Development of new markets and technologies by targeted knowledge transfer
  • Improvement of motivation and reduction of fluctuation
  • Improvement of productivity through optimised business processes due to improved communication and teamwork
  • Improved customer loyalty through efficient sales organisation and higher customer orientation of staff
WAGENER & HERBST gives support to you with a thorough diagnosis and subsequent development of HRD measures, tailored to the needs of your company and its employees. Our generic approach (see chart) supports the change management process in your company by connecting all measures with project work and coaching. Our psychologists and trainers usually have a broad range of experience from your branch.

Personnel Development Measures

As a result of those HRD measures, there will be clarity about the demands of certain positions, about personal strengths and weaknesses of the staff and also about the development needs being derived. All employees and executives are motivated and fulfil their tasks with an increased social and professional competence. Through project work and coaching, the company gains a remarkable boost.