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Investment Financing
Successful financing through cost-benefit analyses

Investments in transport infrastructure and in technical equipment generally make use of a financial and macro-economic assessment of the benefits expected. Recognized methods offer in Germany, the net present value method, for example, in government-sponsored investment in combined transport terminals, and the cost-benefit analysis according to the methodology of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan. In Europe and worldwide there are recognized methods of the EU and the international development banks, determining the cost-benefit ratio and net present value of an investment.

Wagener & Herbst has been assisting companies and administrations successfully for several years in financial and macroeconomic assessments. Examples are cost-benefit analyses, including sensitivity analyses, according to the standards of development banks for port modernization projects in Asia and Africa as well as for investments in hydraulic engineering installations, as locks, and in railways in Germany.

Our approach is based on the methodology of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan, according to the European Commission and international development banks guidelines. It includes:
  • Needs analysis and traffic forecasts
  • Microeconomic financial evaluation
  • Macroeconomic economic evaluation
  • Inclusion of emissions and externalities in economic evaluations
  • Risk analysis, Monte Carlo simulations
  • Sensitivity analyses
  • Support in applying for funding and grants
Qualified methodological tools together with internationally experienced expert teams are elementary success factors for our advice. In between 2013 and 2015, we have continued to develop our methodological tools for financial and macroeconomic reviews targeted and application-oriented by an innovation assistant supported by the EU and the State of Brandenburg.
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