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Upgrade your QM System to ISO 9001:2015
On September 14, 2018 all certificates according to ISO 9001:2008 will become invalid. Therefore start a project to adapt your QM system in time, so that all new requirements of the standard will be met. This is also a good opportunity to thoroughly review your current regulations and to purge them of accumulated legacy problems. W&H is standing by to support you.

Please contact Mr. Wulfram Overmann (w.overmann [at]
Potsdam, 19 Jan 2017
Dr. Wagener presents study on employment effects of Elbe inland navigation on Elbe Shipping Day in Hamburg
On 05/27/2016, Dr. Norbert Wagener presented on the occasion of Elbe Shipping Day in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce the results of the study on the employment effects of commercial navigation on the river. The study was carried out by HTC and W & H on behalf of the State of Saxony-Anhalt.

Following an introduction by Mrs. Daniela Düring as a representative of the client, Dr. Wagener informed over 100 participants that a total of 16,000 jobs from the navigation on the river depend. This corresponds approximately to the number of employees of the car manufacturer Adam Opel AG, or three times the number of the world at HHLA Group employees. The employment figures relate only to the current situation in Germany, that is, without the Czech Republic and excluding potential with improved navigation conditions. Ensuring a minimum fairway depth of 1.60 on 345 days a year is mandatory requirement of the shipping industry to use the environmentally friendly and cost effective inland waterway transport. Trimodality and the option to use inland waterways, are decisive competitive and locational factors for the economy in the Elbe area.

 Dr. Wagener presents the HTC / W & H study (Photo: C.Mencl)

In a steadying of the restrictions on the Elbe shipping jobs are at risk in the medium term, especially in the mechanical and plant engineering (heavy and awkward goods). For more shippers, which use the navigation on the river, the competitive disadvantages mean a loss of market and growth opportunities with negative effects on employment. The regional disparities are also a negative impact on new investments long term. At the conference, not only the need for action was made clear, the discussion showed also requirements and solutions.

The presentation and more information can be found on the organizer's website
Potsdam, 27 May 2016
25 Years Wagener & Herbst
Wagener & Herbst celebrates its 25th anniversary on 27 August 2015.

Founded as a training institution for transport and traffic it quickly developed into a Germany-wide and internationally recognized specialist consulting company with a focus on business management and organizational development, profitability calculations and policy advice in transport, logistics and service.

"The highest possible professional competence and full commitment to the project's success in terms of our customers is the recipe for our success." - says Dr. Norbert Wagener, Managing Director of W & H.

We thank our customers, partners and employees for their trust - and look forward to many further challenging and prosperous years ahead.
Potsdam, 27 Aug 2015
HTC / W & H - study examined employment effects of the Elbe shipping
W & H investigates in consortium with HTC Hanseatic Transport Consult Hamburg on behalf of the Ministry of Regional Development and Transport Saxony-Anhalt, the employment effects of the river Elbe as a major European waterway which links to the German channel system and to the Port of Hamburg.

In an extensive survey, shippers, shipping companies, shipyards and service providers are asked to what extent they are using the Elbe as a waterway and what employment effects are associated with this river. The study supports the holistic assessment of the same in the context of the currently in progress Elbe overall concept.

The study will include the following aspects considered:
  • importance of transport by waterway for the economy along the Elbe,
  • extent and manner of use of the waterway by the shippers,
  • importance of waterway transportation for the competitiveness of enterprises,
  • link between employment effects and transports on the waterway,
  • employment effects directly related to water transport,
  • Economic importance of passenger shipping and shipyards in the same area.

Potsdam, 27 Aug 2015
W&H supports the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning in Potsdam
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning of Brandenburg has granted to Wagener & Herbst an order for scientific support in connection with the development of infrastructure, especially for freight transport in Brandenburg.

In particular, the area of responsibility of Wagener & Herbst includes the observation of strategic developments in freight transport, logistics and potential impact on the region and the development of proposals to better link different modes of transport. The focus will be in particular on the Elbe shipping and the role of Brandenburg ports and their links with other logistics locations as part of Trans-European Corridors.

The IPG GmbH as another contractor and Wagener & Herbst cooperate constructively and confidently in this project.
Potsdam, 27 Aug 2015
Container terminals in Vilnius and Kaunas (Lithuania) officially opened
On 27 May 2015, the Vilnius and Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT and VIT) were officially opened. The Prime Minister of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevičius thanked the companies involved and stressed the importance of both terminals for the transport strategy of Lithuania.

In Vilnius, the majority of the Lithuanian GNP is earned and Kaunas will be developed through the connection to the European rail gauge to a major transport node. Regular container trains connect the terminal in Vilnius with Eastern and South-Eastern Europe as well as Asia. In the Vilnius Intermodal Terminal 31.77 million EUR were invested and 25.5 million EUR in the Kaunas Intermodal Terminal, financed by about 85% from EU funds.

Wagener & Herbst has been active in Lithuania since 1994 and was involved as German partner in the feasibility studies for both terminals within the Public Logistics Centres with a focus on market study and business plan.

For more information see also:
Potsdam, 27 Aug 2015
Dr. Ralf-Christian Mencl became Partner of W & H in Hamburg effective as from 15th January 2015
Dr. Ralf-Christian MenclDr. Mencl will strengthen the maritime competence of W & H through his contacts to the maritime industry.

He will provide consultant services in the field of container logistics, container procurement as well as asset management, marine supply chain management and intermodal transport.

Dr. Mencl has held several management positions at large container carriers and was as Dept. Director Logistics responsible for global container steering for Hamburg-Süd.

He has gained vast experiences in IT and procurement projects which resulted in substantial cost savings by optimizing information flows as well as improved tender management and asset management.

Dr. Mencl will be pleased to answer detailed questions addressed to rc.mencl (at)
Potsdam, 25 Jan 2015
The EU Connecting Europe Facility offers attractive opportunities for co-financing (20 to 85%) of infrastructure investments along the TEN-T - corridors
A second call for proposals is expected by the end of 2015. Wagener & Herbst supports in programming, application and project management, especially for ports and terminals as important nodes within the TEN-T network. W & H recommends to start now with the preparation.

More information gives Ralf Behrens r.behrens (at)
Potsdam, 25 Jan 2015
Dr. Norbert Wagener was appointed as associate professor at the WSL School fo Logistics in Poznan by October 1, 2014
WSL has been the the leading higher academic institution in logistics studies in Poland since 2001. Students achieve degrees as Bachelor, Engineer and Master.

Prof. Dr. Wagener gives lectures in "Design of Logistics Systems" (Bachelor Study) and in "International & Intermodal Transport" (Master-Study).
Potsdam, 25 Jan 2015
Innovative logistics products for the Logistics Region Viadrina
The logistics region Viadrina is logistically perfectly located in the German-Polish border region as part of the corridor Berlin - Warsaw - Moscow. On the other hand, German road hauliers in the region complain about increased competitive pressure.

On behalf of the Economic Development Agency ICOB GmbH Wagener & Herbst developed in the period 02/2013 to 03/2014, new strategies for companies on their way from carrier to a logistics service provider, together with the company Thews & Partner, Frankfurt (Oder) as an application partner.

Great potential is seen also in the development of the combined transport terminal in Frankfurt (Oder). Together with ICOB and the terminal operator PCC Wagener & Herbst developed an offer for the transportation of semi-trailers, which will be loaded additionally onto container trains (Frankfurt (Oder)-Rotterdam) from completion of the new combined transport terminals in the autumn of 2014 on.

More info: flyers mixed train PDF (Source: ICOB)
Potsdam, 23 May 2014
Green supply chains to the East
Dutch shippers and logistics companies are guests in Frankfurt (Oder)
On April 10th, 2014 Dutch shippers and logistics companies discussed together with German and Polish terminal operators and carriers opportunities on Frankfurt (Oder) to consolidate goods flows and to transport cost-effectively and environmentally sustainable by train.

Dr. Jürgen Voigt of the Alblas International bv reported many years , positive experiences in the transport Holland to Poland via Frankfurt - Germany . More Top - speakers were , inter alia, Godfried Smit, International Policy Director of the Dutch shippers' association EVO and Chairman of the Transport Committee of the German - Dutch Chamber of Commerce , Heiko Rumfeld , Managing Director of Duisport Agency. Monika Konsor-Faferek , Marketing Director of PCC Intermodal , Dr. Martin Wilke , Mayor of Frankfurt ( Oder) .

Wagener & Herbst was commissioned by the ICOB GmbH for the substantive conception, invitation management and moderation.

Positive mood on the stage and in the hall (Podium f.l.t.r. Mark van Onna (Port of Twente); Heiko Rumfeld (duisport agency); Monika Konsor-Faferek (PCC); Dirk Kommer (ICOB, covered); Godfried Smit (EVO, DNHK); Norbert Wagener (W&H); Martin Wilke (OB Stadt Frankfurt (Oder)) / Source: Kuhnert Medien
Positive mood on the stage and in the hall (Stage f.l.t.r. Mark van Onna (Port of Twente); Heiko Rumfeld
(duisport agency); Monika Konsor-Faferek (PCC); Dirk Kommer (ICOB, covered); Godfried Smit (EVO, DNHK);
Norbert Wagener (W&H); Martin Wilke (OB Stadt Frankfurt (Oder))
Source: Kuhnert Medien
Potsdam, 23 May 2014
Foundation stone laid for container terminal in the PLC Vilnius
On 27 August 2013, the foundation stone for the container terminal of the Lithuanian railway LG was placed in Vilnius. The terminal will have a capacity of 100,000 TEUs. The construction costs amount to 109.6 million litas (31.7 million euros). Perspectives are seen as a hinterland terminal for Klaipeda seaport and as a major hub for regional distribution and the international container traffic towards Belarus / Southeast Europe and Russia / Asia.

The significance of this event was underlined by the presence of the Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius, the Minister of Transport Rimantas Sinkevicius, the mayor of Vilnius and mayor of the Vilnius County. The city of Vilnius and the Vilnius County jointly operate the development of the PLC Public Logistics Center Vilnius.

from right to left - Algirdas Sakalys, president of East-West-Transport Corridor Association, Stasys Dailydka, Director General of LG, Dr. Norbert Wagener, managing director of Wagener&Herbst (Photo: Sakalys)

The feasibility study for the PLC including container terminal was realized by Ernst & Young Baltic, Wagener & Herbst and IPG on behalf of LG. The Director General of LG Stasys Dailydka expressly thanked the German partners for the good cooperation in the realization of this project of national importance. Wagener & Herbst was actively involved through market research and financial and economic studies in the planning of the Lithuanian PLC in Vilnius, Kaunas and Siauliai.

To see more detailed information about the terminal click here.
Potsdam, 11 Sep 2013
W & H prepared market analysis for hinterland transport of Jebel Ali Port in Dubai
DP World, one of the world’s leading port operators, commissioned duisport to develop an integrated port hinterland concept for Jebel Ali Port in Dubai. Jebel Ali Port is among the world’s top 10 container ports and serves as transport hub of the Arabian Peninsula and parts of Asia a market of almost 2 billion people. In 2012 alone a volume of 13.3 million standard containers (TEU) was handled.

Parts of the envisioned master plan are an extensive market analysis as well as a feasibility study for the optimization of transport chains and the development of logistics areas. W&H elaborated for duisport the market analysis, which focuses on the determination of potential transport volumes for the emerging rail connection within the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Peninsula.

For additional information please contact W & H project manager Wulfram Overmann (w.overmann [at]
Potsdam, 11 Sep 2013
Innovative technologies for freight modal shift from road to rail have good chances in Brandenburg
Technical and economic possibilities of the transfer of freight from road to rail, and the integration of transport modes in multimodal transport chains in the corridor Scandria® examined the logistics consultancy WAGENER & Herbst Management Consultants from Potsdam on behalf of the Joint Spatial Planning Department of Berlin and Brandenburg in the context of the EU funded Ilotech project.

For that reason, innovative technology concepts for handling of non-craneable loading units were analyzed: CargoBeamer, Megaswing, Mobile, ISU, Flexi wagon, etc. The study revealed that the use of these concepts contributes to reduction of logistics costs and to assurance of sustainable mobility and achievement of environmental objectives (CO2 emissions). These concepts also open new perspectives for different locations in Berlin and Brandenburg and strengthen the region's position as a hub in the corridor Scandinavia - Adriatic Sea.

The results of the study were presented to a broad group of potential users in the fall of 2012 at the specially organized events (workshops and conferences). The final version of the report published in May 2013 is available on request for free under (keyword "Ilotech report").
Potsdam, 15 Jun 2013
The consultancy WAGENER & HERBST from Potsdam introduces with GIZ an O & M monitoring system for road infrastructure in Saudi Arabia
A special model for measuring and monitoring the costs of operation and maintenance (operation and maintenance, O & M) of infrastructure projects is in development since January 2013 on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Planning of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

So far, only a monitoring system for investment costs (CAPEX) was available to the Saudi Arabian government. The new model represents a turning point in the treatment of the subject infrastructure planning and financing, and is a completely hands-on innovative tool for both the country and in the global context. It should increase the efficiency of the allocation of funds in infrastructure projects and contribute to the better (technical) maintenance of the infrastructure in KSA.

As a result, the effectiveness of investment in existing infrastructure and this to be built will be greatly improved. The project will be carried out on site (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) under the aegis of the German International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH. Besides Wagener & Herbst other partners in the project are the consultancy Dorsch International and Dornier Consulting. Currently, the first of three phases of the project proposed for 2013 - development of the methodology for measuring of O & M costs - was successfully completed.
Potsdam, 15 Jun 2013
Passenger transport company of Burgenland district will focus on integration and process optimization
PVG Burgenlandkreis mbH, recently appeared from the merger of two predecessor companies (now the sole transport companies for bus services throughout the district Burgenland) has started in early 2013 a project "integration and process optimization" ongoing until December 2013.

WAGENER & HERBST Management Consultants GmbH from Potsdam assists to the company by expert advice and facilitation. The key aspects of the project are:
  • Creating of a single, streamlined organizational structure with clear responsibilities,
  • Determination of the transparent and substantially consistent, optimized processes in driving service, engineering, procurement and travel planning
  • Establishment of a systematic process for measuring and improving the core services of the company and the local presence (shop floor management)
  • Ensuring of compliance with the established regulations of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN 13816 (service quality in public transport).
Potsdam, 15 Jun 2013
Berlin Brandenburg meets Luxemburg
On January 29 and 30, 2013 on invitation of the Logistcs Cluster Luxemburg a delegation from Berlin - Brandenburg visited the Aircargo Center and the Intermodal Terminal Bettembourg.

Peter Effenberger (ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg) and Dr. Norbert Wagener (Wagener & Herbst) introduced the German Capital Region as a location for logistics and as a gateway to Eastern Europe to an interested audience in the Chamber of Commerce.

fltr: N.Wagener, Alain Krecke (Logisticscluster Luxemburg), Peter Effenberger, R.Behrens; Photo: Trouillez

The delegation got very positive impressions from the further development of the Aircargo Center, where a Freeport for arts and a warehouse for pharmaceutics is under construction, as well as from the Intermodal Terminal in Bettembourg.

The Terminal Bettembourg offers container train connections as well a innovative Modalohr type - bloc trains for non-cranable semitrailers to/from Souther France.

Modalohr type - bloc train, Photo:Wagener
Potsdam, 01 Feb 2013
Pre-Feasibility Study for logistics train Berlin-Brandenburg - Romania
On behalf of the Ministry of Economy and European Affairs W & H developed a pre-feasibility study for a regular container train between Berlin-Brandenburg and Romania (Constanta) in September 2012.

As a result the authors see good economic chances for regular combined transport units trades between the German capital region and Romania via a Hub traffic to Austria. The study was contracted within the EU co-financed FLAVIA project.

For further information please visit

The study is available for download here. PDF

Dr. Norbert Wagener will be please to give additional information (tel. +49 331 275040).
Potsdam, 21 Dec 2012
Shopfloor Management brings dynamics into QM Systems
Shopfloor Management stands for leading on the ground in the workshop, of the production line etc. Its core ideas are transparent information and continuous problem solving jointly through management and workers.

Since years practiced in the industry the concept now got entrance into the service industry. Suited for contract logistics and repair & maintenance of large fleets in particular it increases process efficiency and brings dynamics into QM-Systems, means Dr. Norbert Wagener (W & H).

For further information please contact n.wagener(at)
Potsdam, 30 Oct 2012
Discussion forum of the East West Transport Association in Berlin
On October 25th and 26th, 2012 about 60 decision makers from the transport and logistics industry from Belgium, Danmark, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, White Russia have introduced and discussed chances and solutions for the development of the corridors from Western and Northern Europe to Russia, China and Black Sea.

Dr. Norbert Wagener, Managing Director of W & H and Member of the EWTCA Steering Committee presented results of RETRACK Study Europe-China via Transsib.

Dr. Norbert Wagener (W&H), Dr. Algirdas Sakalys (EWTCA), Prof. Dr. Herbert Sonntag (LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg as co-organizer)

You can download the presentation here. PDF

Further information on the EWTCA you find under
Potsdam, 30 Oct 2012
W & H investigates rail opportunities via TranSib
RETRACK Logo The EU funded RETRACK project investigates possibilities for a modal shift towards rail cargo transport in West-South East direction. The main RETRACK corridor connects the two ports of Rotterdam (North Sea) and Constanta (Black Sea).

WAGENER & HERBST analyses in Work Package 13 possibilities for extending the RETRACK corridor from Western Europe via Russia to China using the TransSiberian Railway line. The consortia consists of 18 partners and is led by the „The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research“ (TNO). The project started in May 2007 and will be finalized end 2012.

RETRACK Corridors in Work Package 13

For more information see or contact

PDF RETRACK Infobrochure (englisch)
Potsdam, 04 Jan 2012
LNBB reports positive results after 6 years of GA-networking
Wagener & Herbst finished the network management for the GA-funded project "Logistics Cooperation Network Berlin-Brandenburg" after six years as planned. The LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg, which project was established within the project has become one of the leading clusters in Brandenburg. 

The positive work of the network management of Wagener & Herbst (content) and ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg (administration) was highlighted at the general meeting of LNBB LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg on Nov. 17, 2011. The profile of the logistics location Brandenburg was significantly strengthened internationally and the conditions for logistics and industrial companies were improved. Examples include the development of Wustermark as rail hub and the profiling of Prignitz as a business and logistics location in port hinterland traffic. 

Network coordinator Dr Norbert Wagener sees as success of the GA network the real team work, e.g. the steering committees marketing and infrastructure, and focusing on issues important for the future of the region, a single company could not solve alone. Dr. Wagener is pleased: "After the completion of the funded project phase, our long-time colleague and former Deputy Network Manager Mark Renner will now run the business office of the association, so that continuity is guaranteed in the operational work."
Potsdam, 04 Jan 2012
Wagener & Herbst coordinates content of the project "Berlin-Brandenburg as a hub for seaport hinterland transport / TP Marketing"
The aim of the lead project, which started in August 2011, is the marketing of services and facilities in port hinterland transport. Since seaports are increasingly reaching capacity limits, Berlin-Brandenburg is available as cost-effective and well developed location for distribution centers and transportation hubs in the logistics center of the new Europe.

The Capital Region will be presented by target group specific marketing activities and roadshows to shippers / importers, rail companies, terminal operators and shipping companies in the Baltic and North Sea ports of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Best practice services will be presented and concrete business opportunities will be facilitated.

Railway marshalling yard Wustermark as hub in the seaport transport to the east and south (Photo: Wagener)

The project will run until July 2013. Interested companies have the opportunity to participate. Please contact
Potsdam, 04 Jan 2012
Change Management for the Jordan Ministry of Transport
Change Management, Leadership, Transport Policy, Transport Planning and Logistics have been key subjects of a training programme for officers of the Jordan Ministry of Transport, the Land Transport Regulatory Commission and other institutions since April 2011.
W&H Trainer Shirley Wouters in discussion with participants, photo: Wagener
The programme is realised within the EU financed project „Technical Assistance for the Jordan MoT“ by experts of Wagener & Herbst Management Consultants GmbH Potsdam as member of a consultancy consortium (led by Dornier Consulting GmbH). 

As a highlight of the programme a study tour to Germany took place end of June 2011. The participants could exchange and gain practical experiences especially regarding transport policy and infrastructure development.
Delegation of the Jordan MoT led by Eng. Naeem Hassan, head of department for transport policy and strategy (left, in front,) at the Federal Ministry of Transport in Berlin, photo: W&H
Meetings and on-site visits took place at the German MoT, the Brandenburg Ministry for Infrastructure, the Port of Hamburg, the freight village Grossbeeren, the new international airport Berlin and at German Railways DB AG.

The programme assists to optimise administrative structures and to facilitate trade and transport in Jordan.
For more information see project synopsis PDF.
Potsdam, 02 Sep 2011
East-West-Conference in Potsdam
"Berlin-Brandenburg as gateway in East-West-transport" has been the title of the first sector conference organized by the LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg. With about 100 participants chances for developing logistics solutions on the East-West-corridor Europe-Asia were presented and discussed.

During the panel discussion Dr. Norbert Wagener, Managing Director of Wagener & Herbst and Coordinator of LogisticsNet encouraged a further cooperation and networking between logistics centres and terminal operators along the corridor Berlin - Warsaw - Vilnius - Minsk - Moscow - Yekaterinburg - China. W&H and IPG Potsdam as members of LogisticsNet support the establishment of logistics centres in Lithuania and Russia.

Prof. Dr. Oleg Dunaev, Consultant for the Russian Ministry of Regional Development, informed about plans for further strengthening the container rail traffic and the establishment of intermodal terminals along the Trans-Siberian route.

Uwe Leuschner, Representative of DB Schenker for Russia, introduced new container train connections to Moscow and discussed current challenges.
Potsdam, 02 Sep 2011

Ralf BehrensEffective from January 1, 2011 Mr. Ralf Behrens joined Wagener & Herbst Management Consultants GmbH as Managing Director and shareholder. He shares these functions with Dr. Norbert Wagener.

Mr. Behrens acted as executive, project manager and senior consultant before e.g. as Director Railways, Freight Transport and Logistics with Dornier Consulting GmbH, Chairman of the Board of Kiel Freight Village, Authorized Officer and Director Business Development of Port of Kiel, Head of Transport, Logistics and Management with HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH.

Potsdam, 13 Oct 2011
Wagener & Herbst successful in EU tender on Technical Assistance for the Ministry of Transport in Jordan

Wagener & Herbst wins EU-Tender „Technical Assistance to Support the Ministry of Transport in Jordan in Implementation of the Transport and Trade Facilitation Programme - EuropeAid/129172/D/SER/JO“ together with its consortial partners Dornier Consulting GmbH (Lead Partner), Louis Berger SAS, Philadelphia Consulting Group und Comito & Assocati.

This EU financed project runs from September 2010 to February 2013. Project objectives are the strengthening of the capacity of the MoT in project implementation to facilitate implementation of projects focussing on trade and transport facilitation. Together with the Ministry the Technical Assistance Team will develop and install solutions for organizational and human resource development. A secretariat for The National Committee of Transport and Trade Facilitation will be established. The consultants will also prepare Terms of Reference for the priority projects on the indicative list included in the technical and finance provisions in the finance agreement between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the European Union.

The focus of W&H predominantly lies in the fields of personnel development measures as well as solutions and organization. The Kick-Off-Meeting took place in Amman on September, 26 , 2010 and was headed by the Secretary Genery oft he MoT, his Excellency Eng. Mohannad S. Qudah.

For further information see project synopsis PDF.

Kick-Off-Meeting in Amman
Kick-Off-Meeting in Amman
Potsdam, 02 Oct 2010
20 Years! Wagener & Herbst Management Consultants celebrates company's anniversary

The Potsdam based Consultancy for Logistics, Transportation and Service was founded on the 27th of August 1990, just between currency union and German re-unification. Primarily founded as institute for further education, courses for road hauliers were offered in that time.

Dr. Norbert Wagener - leading the company since 1st of January 1991 - remembers:

"The demand for education was huge in those days. Soon we exported our experiences to the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia. We started with management consultancy in 1992. First projects were organizational development and quality management as well as inhouse-training for German Railways, later for all important German logistics and public transport companies.

The success of our client Berlin Public Transport BVG in quality management makes us proud as well. In 20 years we have realized more than 500 projects in 20 countries of Europe and Asia. Professional solutions, customer focus and qualified, motivated employees are the key for our success - I am sure."

f.l.t.r. Martin Jung, Jacob Drachenberg, Tobias Robel, Mark Renner, Dr. Norbert Wagener, Wulfram Overmann, Grit Pleßow, Tetyana Jacob, Wolfgang Fleischer (Picture: B.Marks)

Potsdam, 27 Aug 2010
Wagener & Herbst Management Consultants GmbH – Yusen Air & Sea Service (Deutschland) GmbH – a joint success story

Wagener & Herbst Management Consultants GmbH has been accompanying Yusen Air & Sea Service (Deutschland) GmbH as consultants in the area of quality management since 1998.

Currently Wagener & Herbst Management Consultants GmbH supports Yusen Air & Sea Service (Deutschland) GmbH with client’s audits and recertification according to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

By implementing and continuously further developing the quality management system Yusen was able to bind key customers worldwide and increase customers’ satisfaction. To implement additional management systems, e.g. risk management, the quality management system is a superb base for docking additional management system.

Wagener & Herbst Management Consultants GmbH is a member of LNBB | LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg. The upcoming logistics breakfast, which will take place on 29.09.2010, is organized by W&H with the topic "Integration of management systems".

Interested? Then sign up here – Registration Logistics breakfast.

Tobias Robel
+49 (0) 331 – 27 504 – 46

Potsdam, 31 Aug 2010
Quality Management Systems for Railway Passenger Services: The Case of the Hellenic Railways

W & H implements service quality management system according to EN 13816 in the Greek railway company Trainose as well as in Geman public transport companies.

Find out more in the article
"Quality Management Systems for Railway Passenger Services: The Case of the Hellenic Railways". PDF

Norbert Wagener says :"Companies are beeing paid for products, not for systems! ISO 9001 is one side of the medal - the quality standards of the product the other. In that sense EN 13816 complements ISO 9001 perfectly, at least in public passenger transport. Logistics companies could learn from this approach."

Potsdam, 22 May 2010
Consultants wanted

Wagener & Herbst has been realizing technical assistance projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia since 1992 successfully. For strengthening our team we are looking for consultants on a project and freelance base for institution building and capacity building projects in trade and transport. The contracts with W&H would be concluded on a project basis. The duration will vary between a few weeks up to two years in the field of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Northern Africa/Middle East.

The focus is on sector analysis (road, rail, air and shipping transport and infrastructure), concepts for legal and institutional framework, financing and training.

If you are interested please send your CV in EU-format and in English to
Wulfram Overmann will be glad to answer your questions (Tel. +49 331 27504-44).

Potsdam, 02 May 2010
Wagener & Herbst successful on TransRussia 2010

Wagener & Herbst presented its solutions at its own stand in 2010 again on the TransRussia in Moscow from 27th to 30th April 2010.

f.l.t.r. Uwe Leuscher (Schenker Russia), Dr. Norbert Wagener (W&H), Sabine Jeschke (IPG Potsdam) Photo: Mark Renner„Professional visitors dominated the fair this time. 458 exhibitors from 33 countries were a perfect chance to establish new contacts and to renew old ones. At a fair we don’t expect immediate contract fixings but new contacts which will lead to contracts. This expectation could be met”, says Dr. Norbert Wagener, Managing Director of Wagener & Herbst.

Potsdam, 02 May 2010
TRACECA Atlas published – free download on W & H website!

The recently published „TRACECA Transport and Trade Atlas“ offers a comprehensive survey of the actual situation in economy, trade and transport of the TRACECA – countries. TRACECA-stands for „Transport Europe Corridor Caucasus Asia“. The atlas was published by the Dutch consulting company NEA Zoetermeer and its partners NIITK Almaty, ITC Sofia und Wagener & Herbst Potsdam.

Much more information you will get if you download the atlas here.

Potsdam, 02 May 2010
The last news: A different glance at Moscow

Photo: Norbert WagenerQuite a different, relaxing view you will get on the heavily congested 12 million inhabitants capital of Moscow from the 10th floor of the hotel „Bega“. „Bega“ stands for „horse racing“ which takes place nearby.

In the back you see the skyline of Moscow with office buildings.

Potsdam, 02 May 2010
IPG and W & H won tender for a study „Potentials and possibilities for shifting freight traffic from road to rail on the North-South-Corridor“

Within the framework of the project SoNorA ( in January 2010 the partners of the LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg IPG Infrastruktur- und Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH and Wagener & Herbst Management Consultants GmbH Potsdam were contracted by the Joint State Planning Department Berlin / Brandenburg to elaborate a “Case study Berlin / Brandenburg SoNorA “.

The objective is to strengthen the intermodal transport on the North-South-Corridor Baltic-Adriatic Sea. The study focuses on cargo potentials for shifting onto intermodal connections via the terminal in Berlin – Wustermark (Freight Village Berlin West). The results will be presented in June 2010.

In a follow up project within the framework of the project SCANDRIA a feasibility study on the technical and economic conditions for combined transport trains will be carried out. The tender procedure is ongoing. This project will run from February 2010 to March 2011.

Study area

For further information please contact

Potsdam, 11.02.2010
Successful completion of the project "Feasibility study on the Public Logistic Center PLC Vilnius"

Photo: f.l.t.r. Rüdiger Hage (IPG) Mindaugas Butkus (Embassador Lithuania), Dr. Norbert Wagener (W&H)Dr. Norbert Wagener (W & H) and Rüdiger Hage (IPG) could inform the embassador of the Republic of Lithuania about the successful completion of the project "Feasibility study on the Public Logistic Center PLC Vilnius" on the occasion of the annual meeting of the LogisticsNet "Policy meets Industry" on November 19th, 2009, in Potsdam.

Ernst & Young Baltic, W & H and IPG investigated the technical and economical feasibility of the first public logistic center on behalf of the Lithuanian Railways LG.

The PLC Vilnius is located in the South West of the Lithunanian capital, directly located at the modern rail marshalling yard Vaidotai. Start of construction is planned for 2012. The PLC is equipped with a container terminal and will be developed according to demand and stepwise upto a possible total area of 425 ha.

Potsdam, 22.11.2009
Wagener & Herbst at the 3rd International Congress of the Ukrainian Logistics Association in Kiev

Dr. Norbert Wagener at the 3rd ULA Conference on 09th Oct 2010 in KievDr. Norbert Wagener has held a presentation at the 3rd Congress of the Ukrainian Logistics Association ULA "LOGISTICS IN CRISIS TIME: instruments of resource-saving and steady development" in Kiev on the 8-9th of October 2009.

The subject of his presentation was "Possibilities for co-operation of state administration and private sector in the development of public logistic centers".

Students of the National Aviation University are learning directly at the planePublic Logistics Centers are seen as a solution also for the Ukraine in order to promote intermodal transport and to bundle logistic activities outside the big urban areas.

The subject should be focused on despite the crises because of necessary complex preparatory activities of all stakeholders.

Victor Shkarban, national manager of Kuehne & Nagel Ukraine, said at the conference, that at present about 320,000 sqm out of 850,000 sqm warehouse capacity in Kiev and Kiev region are empty. In 2010 the share of empty warehouse space is expected to grow upto 50%.

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Potsdam, 25.10.2009

list  From the Mediterranean Sea to the Baltic Sea: W&H experts support implementation of Service Quality Management systems in passenger transport companies according to EN 13816 standard

W & H was appointed by Greek Railways Trainose to implement the norms of the Quality Service in passenger transport companies according to EN 13816 on the railway route high speed link Athens-Thessaloniki. After successful completion of the assignment next destination is the Baltic Sea island Usedom. At present, the adviser Wolfgang Fleisher supports Usedom Railways Company in order to implement EN 13816. Usedom Railways is deemed already today to be an innovative with customer-oriented company engaged in the passenger transportation. The implementation of EN 13816 will benefit the company in terms of its further successful development.

list transrussia Moskau 21. - 25.04.2009 (Link)

Already for the 4th time W & H presents it's consulting and logistic planning services at the leading Russian logistic fair with a own exhibition stand. You can meet us at the German exhibition area at Olimpiysky Sports Complex.

As in the previous exhibitions W & H offers together with the LogisticsNet Berlin Brandenburg a very well visited platform for contacts and for the exchange of experiences on logistic solutions in Russia and in the German Capital Region.

Reception by the Berlin Senator Wolf at the stand of W&H and Logistcs Net Berlin Brandenburg

list transport logistic Munich 12.-15.05.2009 (Link)

Wagener & Herbst will present it's business and personal consulting services at the logistic 2009, the 12. international fair for logistics, telematics and traffic. You will find us at the exhibition are of the German Capital Region Berlin - Brandenburg. Meet our consultants Dr. Norbert Wagener, Wulfram Overmann and Detlev Jekel and discuss with them solutions for your future challenges.

At our stand you also will find the Russian German joint venture LOGCINET which consists of Cominfo Moscow, IPG and W & H Potsdam. LOGCINET offers logistic planning in Russian speaking countries and has developed master plans for logistic parks and logistic centers in Vyasma, Moscow, Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Rostov and Ekaterinburg for Russian clients successfully. Are you interested in the Russian market? At our stand you get first hand know how and contact for the Russian market.

list  W&H wins EU funded project „Strengthening of Transport Training Capacities in NIS – countries (TRACECA)“

Together with NEA (consortial leader from NL), Trademco (Gr) and STC (NL) Wagener & Herbst has won an important EuropeAid project in the TRACECA countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

The purpose of the project is to develop train–the–trainer courses and to strengthen existing transport training institutions in TRACECA countries.

The project will provide support for the development of new curricula and modern organisational structures of transport training institutes with focus on the latest transport planning and investment appraisal techniques and tools as well as on multimodal transport.

W&H provides the Transport Economics key expert as well as the Pedagogical key expert within the project.

PDF Project Synopsis UK (PDF)

list  German Capital Region Berlin Brandenburg becomes hub in sea port hinterland trades

The container trade between Brandenburg and the German seaports will increase by 6.1 % p.a. during the next years. Because the seaport terminals more and more reach their limits new chances arise for Brandenburg to take over functions as hinterland hubs due to its geographic position in East-West/North-South trades and due to moderate labour and real estate costs.

W&H as leading partner together with ISL Bremen and IPG Potsdam carried out a study for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning of the country Brandenburg “Chances for Brandenburg as hub in sea port hinterland trade”. The ministry Reinhold Dellmann introduced results in the castle of Lindstedt on October 10th, 2008.

More under and in the PDF journal of the MIR (PDF).

PDF Management Summary (PDF)

list  W & H expands consulting in Russia: master planning for logistic park in Perm

W & H has got the contract for master planning of a logistic park in the Russian town of Perm. Together with IPG Potsdam and Cominfo Moscow W & H plans warehouses and a container terminal on a 49 ha area with very good road and rail access. Perm becomes more and more a interesting location as Ural hub because of it’s most Eastern location of the Russian European waterway system at the river Kama and it’s access to the industrial and raw material centers of the Urals region.

W & H disposes over experiences in Russia since 1992 and realizes strategic concepts, feasibility studies and mater plans for logistic locations in Russia.
Please contact Dr. Norbert Wagener

list  Delegation of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation visits Wagener & Herbst

On invitation of the LogisticsNet Berlin Brandenburg and the German Ministry of Transport a delegation of the Council of Federation of the RF visited with its head senator Viktor K. Glukhikh the office of Wagener & Herbst in Potsdam.

Dr. Norbert Wagener (W & H) and Rüdiger Hage (IPG) explained the German Freight Village concept. Experiences and possibilities in Russia were discussed. The German Freight Village concept is of interest for Russian regions because this concept facilitates spatial concentration and intermodal access for logistic service providers.

list  Manual "Shipping Economics" published in it's 4th edition

The manual "Shipping Economics" has been published in German language in it's 4th, revised edition by the Oldenbourg Publishing House, Munich, in september 2008.

The authors Biebig, Althof and Wagener give an overview on the framework, on markets and pricing as well as on business administration in freight and passenger shipping.
The new edition also comprises aspects of logistics, financing and quality management.

More under and here PDF.

list  German Freight Village Concept is of great interest for Ukraine

Dr. Norbert Wagener (MD of W & H and Coordinator of LogisticsNet Berlin - Brandenburg) introduced the German freight village (FV) concept on April, 8 2008 at a high ranking investment conference at the LOGISTIKA 2008 in Kiev.

In a lively discussion pros and cons were discussed. With no doubt the benefits of FV will also arise in Ukraine. But specific preconditions must be considered. Especially the private sector will play a bigger role.

The framework for private investments into state infrastructure wll be created by a new Ukranian law on public private partnership - expected to come soon.

According to Mrs. Gregoriak, head of Ukranian Logistics Association the share of logistic cost at the goods value amounts to 30 - 35% (in Western countries 8 - 10% !). The market for contract logistic services amounts about 11 - 12 billion US Dollar. W&H has been planning logistic centres and logistic parcs in CIS countries since 2006.
Presentation "The German logistic experience with freight villages - is it appropriate for Ukraine?" PDF

list  LogisticsNet of the German Capital Region founded – W & H coordinates the net

The LogisticsNet Berlin Brandenburg comprises logistics competence of medium sized enterprises and offers one-stop-service for investors in the region and for logistics customers.
The objective is to promote the image of the German Capital Region as a favourable location for logistics services at the crossroads of West-East and North-South-trades and as a platform for distribution in the seaports hinterland. Members are the Zukunftsagentur Brandenburg, Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, 5 Logistics Centres of the region, logistics provider August Bauer, Ullrich-Group, ReiCo, Rieck, the financial investor IVG and Wagener & Herbst.

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list  ECO4LOG Software system in test phase with external users

The software system ECO4LOG for strategic planning of intemodal transport chains was developed by W & H together with the software house VIOM. At present it is tested by external users.
The intermodal routing delivers decision support optimized according to time, costs, distance and ecology. Additionally comprehensive information on terminals and service providers is available.
The project is funded by the EU within the INTERREGG IIIC programme und led by the TFH Wildau.

You can get more information and your personnel access. Please contact:
list  rbb Berlin Brandenburg radio and tv optimized logistics with W & H

W & H assisted successfully the rbb radio and tv station based in Berlin and Potsdam by optimizing the internal car service and the warehousing logistics. Cost reductions could be achieved through centralized disposition and new working regimes. Before this W & H optimized the procurement organization of rbb.
list  W & H trains forwarders in Caucasus and Central Asia according to FIATA standardsN.Wagener in discussion with trainees in the training centre in Almaty

W & H supports within a consortia led by NEA, Rijswijk (NL), freight forwarder associations in Moldawia, Ukraine, Georgia, Aserbaijdshan, Armenia, Kasakhstan, Kyrgystan, Usbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan in their forwarder training activities.

The EU funded project focuses on the transfer of international forwarding know how according to FIATA Minimum Standards. Training centres will be established and train the trainer courses will be carried out.