North-South corridor is gaining momentum!

On 29th and 30th November 2007, the first con­fe­rence “Spatial Development in the Baltic Sea Adriatic Development Corridor” took place in Berlin.

The East German fe­deral sta­tes want to streng­t­hen the East-South cor­ri­dor as a cen­tral European eco­no­mic axis with re­gi­ons from Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Bavaria, Austria and Italy, and will pro­mo­te cor­re­spon­ding sup­port pro­jects in the EU. Particularly in the fo­cus is the idea of ​​an Adriatic Baltic Landbrigde, which con­nects the Baltic Sea ports and the North Adriatic seaports.

Dr. Norbert Wagener em­pha­si­zed in his pa­nel dis­cus­sion at the high-pro­fi­le con­fe­rence: “The con­cept of a Central European coun­try bridge is over 20 ye­ars old, in view of the enor­mous in­cre­a­se in con­tai­ner traf­fic in Europe-Asia, the thre­at of con­ges­ti­on in the nort­hern ports and the new op­por­tu­nities in the li­be­ra­li­zed rail­way mar­ket we now have the uni­que op­por­tu­ni­ty to ac­tual­ly rea­li­ze this pro­ject with a po­li­ti­cal backstroke.The eco­no­my of the German ca­pi­tal re­gi­on will be­ne­fit from im­pro­ved North-South connections.

On the mar­gins of the con­fe­rence, Mr. Rüdiger Hage, Member of the Management Board of the Logistics Network Berlin Brandenburg, and Managing Director IPG Potsdam, Mr. Karl Fischer, Managing Director of the Prien Logistics Center, and Mr. Dr. Norbert Wagener, coor­di­na­tor of the lo­gistics net­work Berlin Brandenburg and ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of W&H Potsdam, in the de­ve­lo­p­ment of in­ter­mo­dal con­nec­tions Munich — Vienna — Berlin.

North-South cor­ri­dor is gai­ning momentum!
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