Brandenburg is a seaport-hinterland location

In the trans­port sec­tor, traf­fic bet­ween Brandenburg and the se­a­ports will in­crea­se by 6.1% p.a. above-average. The sea­fa­rers are in­crea­singly gai­ning ca­pa­ci­ty bot­t­len­ecks.

It was a stu­dy com­mis­sio­ned by the Ministry for Infrastructure and Regional Planning un­der the lea­dership of WAGENER & HERBST by W&H, ISL Bremen and IPG Potsdam has be­en de­ve­lo­ped.

The re­sults we­re pre­sen­ted by Minister Reinhold Dellman at the Lindsted talks on 09.10.2008.

For fur­ther in­for­ma­ti­on, plea­se vi­sit and the jour­nal of the MIR (PDF).

Management Summary of the fi­nal re­port (PDF)

Brandenburg is a se­a­port-hin­ter­land lo­ca­ti­on
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