WAGENER & HERBST is coordinating the project “Berlin-Brandenburg as a hub in seaport hinterland transport”

The aim of the lead pro­ject laun­ched in August 2011 is the mar­ke­ting of ser­vices and lo­ca­ti­ons in se­a­port hin­ter­land traf­fic. As se­a­ports are in­cre­a­singly reaching ca­pa­ci­ty li­mits, Berlin-Brandenburg of­fers its­elf as a cost-ef­fec­ti­ve and ex­cel­lent­ly de­ve­lo­ped lo­ca­ti­on for dis­tri­bu­ti­on cen­ters and traf­fic turn­ta­bles in the lo­gistic cen­ter of the new Europe.

The ca­pi­tal re­gi­on is pre­sen­ted to the im­porters / im­porters, rail­way com­pa­nies, ter­mi­nal ope­ra­tors and ship­ping com­pa­nies in the Baltic Sea and North Sea ports of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands with spe­ci­fic mar­ke­ting mea­su­res and road­shows. Best prac­ti­ce ser­vices are pre­sen­ted and con­cre­te busi­ness start-ups supported.

WAGENER & HERBST is coor­di­na­ting the pro­ject “Berlin-Brandenburg as a hub in se­a­port hin­ter­land transport”
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