transport logistic 2019 Munich: W&H experts report on sustainable multimodal transport solutions

During the lea­ding ex­hi­bi­ti­on for Logistics, Mobility, IT and Supply Chain Management – trans­port lo­gistic 2019 – re­pu­ta­ble ex­perts dis­cus­sed sus­tainab­le lo­gistics so­lu­ti­ons at the in­ter­na­tio­nal fo­rum ‚How to im­pro­ve mul­ti­modal en­vi­ron­ment­al­ly-friend­ly freight so­lu­ti­ons in Central Europe?‘ on June 06, 2019. Harald Leupold, HL Consulting / WAGENER & HERBST Management Consultants GmbH (Nuremberg of­fice), sum­ma­ri­sed the re­sults of the fo­rum, whe­re Ralf Behrens, ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of WAGENER & HERBST, al­so participated.

The event was part of the Interreg pro­ject TalkNET; wi­t­hin its frame­work WAGENER & HERBST ela­bo­ra­ted a stu­dy on mul­ti­modal nodes in 2018. The fo­rum was or­ga­nis­ed by the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce in Munich and other in­ter­na­tio­nal pro­ject partners.

trans­port lo­gistic 2019 Munich: W&H ex­perts re­port on sus­tainab­le mul­ti­modal trans­port solutions
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